Intelligent Routing and Tracking Services

GPS Location Tracking

  • Know the “real-time” location of every truck in your fleet with IntelliHub®
  • View route progress online to see where Drivers have already been
  • Lower costs, reduce liability, and reward safety by monitoring speeding, harsh acceleration or braking, and hours of service
  • Direct ECM connection for real-time odometer readings
  • Easy to use dashboard to see everything and everyone – instantly

Optimized Dynamic Routing

  • No more guesswork on what truck to send where when Route Matrix® does the routing work for you.
  • Automatically calculate the most efficient use of trucks and best order of stops
  • We factor in more than just addresses. Our advanced algorithms factor in start and stop times, time required at a stop, payloads, and special requests
  • Commercial Navigation to avoid low underpasses and prohibited roads

Digital Fleet Cameras

  • Quad-Cam system captures views from dash-cam, cab-cam, and mirror-cams
  • Check in on your drivers and the road around them with flawless live streaming from up to 4 cameras at once.
  • Short clips are automatically saved from all camera angles when aggressive driving behavior is detected.
  • Stream historical footage and download clips to your computer without having to pull an SD card from the vehicle.
  • Insurance savings with many Carriers

ELD and DVIR Solutions

  • FMCSA approved
  • ECM connected with malfunction detection
  • Inspection Mode
  • Paperless DVIR with real-time notification if a Driver logs a defect