Q Shred Go Mobile“Your Business, Run Better”

Q-ShredTM is the result of years of running Shredding companies.  We combine all of the tools you need to run your business into one easy to use, intuitive tool, where data only ever needs to be typed in once.  From the very first phone call asking a question right through to final invoice, customer information flows smoothly, from Prospect to Estimate to Agreement to Work Order to Certificate of Destruction to Invoice.  Everything stays in one system without the need for spreadsheets, whiteboards, and Outlook or Google calendars.

The standard Q-Shred includes:

  • Lead and Contact tracking for your Salespeople
  • Projected Capacity Planning by Truck
  • Real-time digital scheduling display (to replace your old whiteboard)
  • Work Orders (both on the iPhone and printed)
  • Real-time synchronization to special iPhones for the Drivers
  • Ability to easily make changes “on the fly”
  • Bar Coding for containers
  • Driver ability to scan bins and take credit cards right on their phone
  • Emailed and detailed Certificates of Destruction
  • Easy data transfer into QuickBooks, either pre or post invoice

Upgrade at any time to Q-Shred/DR and add automated Dynamic Route Planning with Route Matrix®. 

Importantly, by using our unique “deep configuration” process we can apply all of these tools to help you manage your business… without you having to change your pricing methods, estimating, and routes.  We work to match you instead of forcing you to change the way you do things to match us… that’s why we say: Your Business, Run Better !