ShredMetrics Insights

ShredMetrics Insights adds personalized consulting to help with both strategic and tactical questions, whether you want to sell your business or retain it and operate more profitably.  We are not a Business Broker, but we can help you to become “Sale-Ready” if that is your goal. We know from experience what National Buyers are looking for and we understand how to present information according to their expectations.

Our on-staff QuickBooks expert can help format and present your P&L’s in the best light.  If you need one, we can connect you with a CPA experienced in this industry.  Your Trademarks and Branding are important, and we can connect you to an experienced Intellectual Property (IP) attorney to help you protect them.  We can introduce you to a Small Business Attorney to help with contracts and other issues, or to an HR Consultant.  Our Professional Advisors will take the time they need to resolve complex problems, but never waste time or run up hours unnecessarily.

If your website and sales efforts are under-performing we can connect you with experts in web redesign, strategic messaging, customer reviews, and paid AdWords.  Like everything we do at ShredMetrics, we have tools to help you track every dollar you spend on advertising and promotion.  No guesswork, just facts.

When you are deep into the daily demand of getting trucks out, balancing stops, and dealing with the day-to-day challenges, it can be hard to pull back and think strategically about where you are going.  A qualified ShredMetrics Insights Consultant can take a “fresh look” at your business and help you focus on what you do well… and also your areas of opportunity.