What We Do

Let’s start with what we don’t do… we don’t mow lawns, clean houses, or fix HVAC systems, and neither do you.  Yet many of the routing and business management tools on the market were built to support landscapers, janitorial services, or mechanics.  Sure, they can be made to work.  But Q-Shred was built from the ground up specifically to support the Shredding industry with the specialized reports and processes that a Shredder needs, especially to manage larger accounts.

Business Tools from ShredMetrics combine technology with real-world experience to help owners of Shredding and RIM businesses make better decisions.  All of your information is in one place (no spreadsheets or sticky notes) and data flows seamlessly from Prospect to Customer to Work Order to Invoice without having to be re-entered.  Our software is easy to use so you always know where your Trucks are and what your Drivers have (and haven’t) done.

  • The process starts with easy Sales Support tools that track Contacts, Contract Renewals, and everyone’s “To-Do” lists right in the main program. If a change is made to a Customer or a Job anywhere in the system, that new information automatically flows through the program to anywhere it needs to go without being re-entered.
  • We automatically optimize the most efficient routes for your trucks, and then track Drivers through their day in real time.
  • Drivers have tools on their special iPhones to scan bar coded bins, swipe credit cards, and easily record every action in their day so nothing gets missed.
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions on optional commercial GPS units mounted to the dash of the truck factor in Commercial restrictions for height, weight, and allowable truck routes.  Drivers never need to risk a ticket for using a cell phone to get directions.
  • Detailed Certificates of Destruction and Invoices are emailed with a mouse click.  COD jobs can be billed and collected by the Driver with their iPhone.
  • Easily pass data to QuickBooks.
  • Options include real-time and DVR dashcams, cab cameras, and cameras on truck sides or focused on the shredder.
  • Our software tools are all made available on a simple SAAS (Software As A Service) model.

ShredMetrics tools collect and combine information so you can make fact-based decisions to most profitably run your business. ShredMetrics Insights can help you take a “fresh look” at everything you do in your business.  Choose the combination of ShredMetrics tools and services that fits your needs best.