Bar Coding Made Easy!

Super-Fast and Easy, No Special Hardware or Scanner Required

Almost all the Government RFP’s we see (and also most from large corporate or health-care customers) now include a requirement like this one that their bins be bar-coded (see State of Nebraska RFP requirements below). Q-Shred’s proprietary software makes it easy for you to compete for and service these bigger customers.

This sample is from a recent State-level contract being bid out:

All deployed secure containers must neatly, and clearly state the Contractor name and phone number, and be identified with a barcode and human readable number that corresponds with the inventory report. The State will not be responsible for any missing equipment that is not properly identified and confirmed included on the inventory report. Please provide specification sheet for secure containers upon written request.

— The State of Nebraska

Besides any contractual requirements, bar coding gives you a wealth of data about where your media is coming from. Know what containers produce, which should be removed, and where you need to add. Bar Coding is always the first step to “Right-Sizing” your accounts.

Now it’s easier than ever to decide exactly the types of containers you want to track. Do you use 64 gallon bins and not 65’s? 96’s but not 95’s? Maybe you have 3 different types of consoles you want to track, or maybe you recycle fluorescent light bulbs or need to field-serialize hard drives. Perhaps you want to keep track of medium or large Sharps containers? Q-Shred allows you to define your own item types to scan or collect counts from.

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