About ShredMetrics

Steve and Tobi successfully built a New York based regional shredding company from the ground up and came to love the Secure Destruction industry.  After they sold their shredding company, they decided it would be a shame to waste all of their experience… and so ShredMetrics was born with the goal of helping other shredding company Owners run their businesses better.

First we introduced Q-Shred® for paper shredding and then expanded our line to include support for hard drive shedding, and then for full e-Waste processing.  We also offer ShredMetrics Management Services, our remote “virtual back office” to let you outsource billing, routing, and other non-customer facing tasks.

The Story Behind Q-Shred®

Recently we demonstrated Q-Shred® to the Owner of a well established shredding company, who exclaimed:

Wow – you guys thought of everything! It really shows that you know this business.

When Tobi and Steve owned their shredding company, they used the original version of Q-Shred® every day for 7-1/2 years.  Every time a Driver, Scheduler, or CSR had a good idea it was incorporated into the software.

Using that as our starting point, the ShredMetrics team added new ideas to build a cloud-based tool made for Shredders like you, from people who lived the business the same way you do today.

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