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When you use ShredMetrics tools, all of your information is in one place and data flows seamlessly from Prospect to Customer to Work Order to Invoice without having to be re-entered.  Our software is easy to use so you always know where your Trucks are and what your Drivers have (and haven’t) done.
Tools designed specifically for Shredders… built by Shredders who know your business.

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Experience is Everything

Our tools fit the Destruction industry so well because they were written for it; not adapted from something else. We’ve lived with last minute changes, broken down trucks, customers who reschedule and customers who can’t count. All of our operating experience was poured into our software to make it fast and easy to keep up with the inevitable changes.


The complete Workflow Software Tool.

ShredMetrics Insights

Consulting and full assistance with Marketing, Accounting, and Management.

Intelligent Routing and Tracking Services

Know where your trucks are and see what your Driver sees.