Optimized Routing and Directions

Many people don’t stop to think about it, but these are actually two very different topics. Optimized Routing is what the Owner or Manager uses to instruct the Drivers how the day will most efficiently be run. Turn-by-Turn Directions allow the Drivers to best (and most safely) execute on those instructions.

Optimized Routing

Q-Shred Optimized Routing was designed to take into consideration many variables. As the Dispatcher, you can select whether to start the route at a Depot, at the Recycler, or at a specific customer. You can choose to end the day at the Recycler or back at your Plant, and after we optimize you can still “tweak” the route to get it “just right”. We offer several preference settings to give you choices, and can accommodate multi-day routes.

It’s important to note that trucks can’t go everywhere. Our offices happen to be in the Northeastern US where there are many low overpasses and truck restrictions, but virtually every location has at least some truck-restricted routes or low train bridges. Q-Shred considers each truck’s height, width, length, and MGW in optimizing route orders.

Optimized Routing and Driver

Optimized Routing and Driver

Turn-by-Turn Directions

We also consider those same factors in creating “truck-grade” Turn-by-Turn directions for your Drivers. Turn-by-Turn requests are submitted by the Driver on their phone on an “as-needed” basis, so the most current traffic conditions will always be what is considered in real time. This is a much safer and more appropriate solution than using an automobile-focused navigation system in a truck.

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: Local, State, and Federal Laws prohibit the use of hand-held communications devices in Commercial Motor Vehicles. Don’t get stopped and fined – cell phones must be mounted in a dash mount when used for Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

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