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A Tale of 2 New (or new-ish) Shredders

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At the NAID Conference in 2019 we met an experienced businesswoman from central California.  She knew that she needed dedicated software to run her mobile shredding business properly, but she was being very cautious.

It seems that she had tried going down this road once before and had actually invested a chunk of money into shredding software.  It was complicated to set up and not a good fit for the way she ran her business.  Since she had no desire to change her operations to fit the software she got nowhere with it.  In the end she never got it to run the way she wanted and the project was abandoned.  

When she started talking with Tobi, we were able to show her how we worked step by step, and she saw how intuitive the process was.  We helped her import her customers and she was quickly going from creating Estimates to importing payments into QuickBooks.  After implementation she said:

“So I’m all set? I don’t have to do anything? OMG! That is great!!!”

A startup in Western Canada had a similar experience.  She is also an experienced businesswoman, new to shredding, and who was working totally out of Excel.  

First we worked with her to make some modifications from US standards to Canadian.  We helped tweak the invoice specifications to meet her requirements, and got her Canadian VAT added to every invoice.  Then she was off and running – very, very quickly!

Her email read:
“Hi Roy.  Absolutely everything is invoiced now. Such a good feeling!  Thanks for your help on this!”

What both of these companies had in common was that we were able to provide them with the tools to standardize their data, and them import it into Q-Shred so they could hit the ground running.  If the data imports of your history are clean, getting the rest implemented is a snap!

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A Tale of Two New Shredders

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