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Working from Home with Q-Shred

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We have a Q-Shred User with an office staff of 5 people.  There are 2 Scheduler/CSR’s, a Bookkeeper, and 2 part-time general office assistants.  Their office is currently buzzing normally with the team booking jobs and dispatching trucks, but with one big new difference.  Due to Covid-19, not one of them is physically in the office!

This whole new surreal pandemic experience has people working from home who never considered it before, and the cloud-based Q-Shred structure is really shining.  Because Q-Shred is a fully hosted solution, the team can log in from wherever they are and work normally.  Routes are made up and shared in real time and pushed out to drivers the same as always.  As Drivers finish their stops Q-Shred automatically sends their information up to the server and anyone on the team can check the work and issue a Certificate of Destruction, from their dining room table if needs be!

The Bookkeeper can issue invoices and post payments, and even telephone messages are shared through the Q-Shred system.  When the phone rings, messages get passed through Q-Shred so everyone stays in the loop, and if a task slips Q-Shred automatically emails a reminder.

It’s safe to say that no one saw this coming or could anticipate that we’d be closing offices to stay safe.  Fortunately, though, the old days of being tethered to a server in the office are gone, just like old-fashioned paper service receipts.  Q-Shred has enabled remote and “lower-touch” working for both Drivers and Offices, just in time to help deal with this unforeseen situation!


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