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Routing – an Old Question with New Answers

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We hear a lot about the need to better route trucks, so out of curiosity we did a web search.  The oldest reference we could find was a section about the need for a “good route” in a Travelling Salesman handbook printed in Germany in 1832!  Some things don’t change, whether you’re selling from a carriage 200 years ago or servicing shredding bins today – you need efficient routing to be profitable.  No when pays you when you’re looking at a windshield (or looking at the wrong end of a horse).

Over time many of our Drivers work out the best way to run their routes, because they don’t like wasting time either.  But now that the virus has stood everything on end with multiple closings and reschedules their way may not be efficient any more, especially if you’ve had to combine routes.

Enter Q-Shred.  All 3 of our products incorporate true commercial-grade truck routing, so you don’t try to fit your horse and buggy under a low bridge or on a road it doesn’t belong on.  You can easily optimize a route with a single click, to accommodate for last minute additions and cancelations.  And importantly, our system can fit enough stops onto the route.

This is something you need to see for yourself, and not just read about.  Request a demonstration and we’ll show you how easy it is to apply computer optimized routing, each and every day!

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